McHenry votes against saving NC citizens from H1N1 Flu

From the Hickory Daily Record:

THUMBS DOWN to Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-10th District) for opposing spending federal dollars to help North Carolina families, schools and businesses prepare for the potential outbreak of the H1N1 flu. The H1N1 Flu Preparedness Summit held this week was a reminder of McHenry’s just say no approach to preparing for the pandemic. Despite 255 confirmed and probable cases in North Carolina of H1N1 flu already, and with many scientists predicting a second wave of the pandemic in the coming months, McHenry joined fellow Republicans in opposing money to prepare for the worst case. We think it is clear that early planning is the best weapon against an H1N1 flu outbreak. Earlier this year, McHenry opposed the Supplemental Appropriations Bill, which invests $2 billion to help the government fight the current H1N1 outbreak and to allow for further pandemic flu preparedness and response capacity. History tells us there will be another flu pandemic. It is already past due, according to many scientists. This is why we are perplexed by McHenry’s no votes.

Patrick McHenry not really concerned with Government

Surprise, surprise: Politics, to Patrick McHenry, is not about running a good government, benefitting the 10th District, or even following good Constitutional law- it’s all about approval ratings. His goal for these next two years?

“Our goal is to bring down approval numbers for [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and for House Democrats. That will take repetition. This is a marathon, not a sprint.”McHenry’s spokesperson, Brock McCleary, tells me his boss is standing by the quote.

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Congrats, 10th District! You just lost a Congressman and gained an attack dog!

McHenry grilled by High School student, squeezes out of dodge

McHenry, in another perfect example of his sleezy ways, had to carefully dodge some heavy questions- not by fellow politicians, but by Highschool students.

The toughest questions came from junior Ben Napper.

When the 16-year-old asked McHenry how he would deal with what Ben said was the probable outcome of next month’s election — a Democratic sweep of the White House and both chambers of congress, McHenry jokingly tried to step on the boy’s toes.

“How are you going to work with that kind of situation?” Ben asked.

“You have to work with who the American people elected,” McHenry answered when the fake toe-stomping subsided. “And sometimes that’s better than other times.”

Ben then got even tougher, asking McHenry how he felt about non-discrimination and equal pay in the workplace.

When McHenry answered he was for equality, Ben asked “Then how do you defend your vote against it?”

The teen was likely referring to two bills McHenry voted against in 2007. The Sexual Orientation Employment Nondiscrimination Act and the Equal Pay Bill.

Too bad, McHenry. Even though the gutless Republicans of the 10th don’t ask the right questions, even Highschool students see through some of your lies.

By the way, how do you intend to “work with who the American People elect” when you keep essentially claiming Pelosi is the Antichrist? That’s not working together, that’s firing from cover while pretending to want to shake hands. Pelosi does deserve some hate, but at the rate you’re going, every Democrat and Republican on Capitol Hill is going to have a Patrick McHenry dartboard before the end of your reign.

Patrick McHenry: Signatures $20

Just for fun, “Someone” has posted a genuine Patrick T. McHenry signature online for $20. That’s right- the “famous” Congressman who rarely graces his own district with his presence and the man who’s famously caused more trouble than Mark Foley has a signature for you- for the low low price of $20.

Just for reference, you can have an Elizabeth Dole signature for $4, a Jesse Jackson signature for $5, the First Lady’s for $13, Dan Quayle’s signature for .99 (heh), and the signature of the President of France for $10.

Damn, Patrick, talk about being expensive.

Patrick McHenry? Who is that guy?

You know that Patrick McHenry guy and his many town hall meetings where he “meets with the people”?

Me either.

Laughably enough, despite the huge amount of press McHenry has been spilling regarding his “Town Hall Meetings” on Energy and the like, no-one but ardent McHenry supporters have been going. Of course, some may argue this isn’t exactly a surprise, considering his poor reception in the district.

Above: McHenry at CVCC giving his Energy speech. Most of the attending are ardent McHenry supporters anyway.

Above: McHenry with Homeschoolers. During his initial election, there were MANY more homeschoolers.

Now, naturally I can’t say too much- but if anything, this simply proves that his approval ratings have gone down so quickly that his town hall meetings are turning into complete time wastes. During the elections in 2004, McHenry speeches like this were packed with people- it just goes to show you what happens when you embarrass your district so badly they don’t even want to see your face.

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In the last two months we’ve had over 30,000 people see our stuff- and that’s in the 10th District. Keep spreading the news!

McHenry against McCain for President

On Feburary 12th, Patrick McHenry, a man who calls himself a staunch Republican, found himself the subject of the article in the Washington Post with the following introductory line:

At a private meeting of conservatives in the House of Representatives last month, Rep. Patrick T. McHenry (N.C.) ridiculed Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), asking why his fellow right-wing activists “shouldn’t be physically ill at the prospects of a President McCain.”

That’s right, folks- Patrick McHenry openly bashed a Republican, the man who is now the Republican candidate for the Presidency of the United States. Rather than retract his statement, issue an apology, or rather admit fault, he allowed Democrats to make light of the situation, tracking McHenry’s refusal to apologize, and generally embarrassing the Republican party.

McHenry did not openly sponsor any candidate, though he did support Ron Paul for a spell, though he never admitted it through his website or any speeches. All the comment did was serve to hurt the Republican party more, something McHenry continually does to embarass both himself and the party he “supports”.

For interested parties, the website for the candidacy of John McCain can be found here.