Patsy Keever now running against McHenry

Democratic N.C. House member Patsy Keever is now running against Patrick McHenry in the general election.  Keever almost won against Charles Taylor in the 11th district prior to redistricting, and now she’s after McHenry.  Though having a Democrat in office isn’t the best thing in the world, at this point virtually anything is better than McHenry.  If only we could vote in a paper doll — at least it would have more integrity.

Ken Fortenberry enters race against McHenry

Ken Fortenberry, famous (and slightly infamous) journalist and Denver resident, has announced that he’s running against Patrick McHenry.

Mr. Fortenberry has been a long opponent of McHenry, albeit from his position at news@norman. Because of this, and much like his predecessors before him, his campaign is predominantly focused on illustrating the many, many ways that McHenry falls short as a Congressman, with numerous sections on his website outlining McHenry’s more egregious shortcomings as of late.

On the issues, Mr. Fortenberry hasn’t said much, but economically he seems to fall decidedly on the conservative side, advocating for a balanced budget, less government involvement in the private lives of citizens, a strong national defense, and less foreign spending. On the more interesting side, Mr. Fortenberry openly challenges McHenry’s questionable connection with banking institutions, openly pointing out McHenry’s conflict of interest on the banking oversight committee.

In any event, it’s nice to see a candidate against McHenry pop up this early. The new redistricting plans for the 10th District will unquestionably weaken McHenry, so this may be an opportune time to strike.