When a politician does something wrong, Republicans stand up and demand justice. In 1998, Republicans fought long and hard to ensure that President Clinton was punished for lying to the American people. In 2004, a gutsy group of Vietnam Veterans, many Republicans, fought against John Kerry’s wishy-washy political history that insulted their service in Vietnam. Republicans know what right and wrong is, and we stand for honor and truth- and it’s time we take a good hard look at one of our own so-called “Republicans”, a man by the name of Patrick McHenry.

Patrick McHenry started his political career in college, where he ran for the N.C. House in 1998. Since then, Patrick McHenry has embarrassed his district and his state in ways that make even Democrats blush. He has openly used donated money for Voter Fraud, has referred to a security guard in Iraq as a “two bit”, has openly endangered American lives and has refused to apologize, has campaign staffers such as a man convicted of a DWI, has been photographed grabbing the breasts of known Lesbian activists whilst drunk, lies about being a “small businessman” despite never having owned a business, and has even charges for his supporters to meet with him in Washington, DC.

This is not the kind of representative that the 10th District of North Carolina needs- nor is it a representative that any district in the whole US needs. Patrick McHenry is a man who has embarrassed the Republican party and made us the laughing stock of the entire nation with his crude and corrupt actions.

The basics about Patrick McHenry

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