McHenry spends $16.8 million in pork, more than over 170 other Congressmen

You read that right: while Patrick McHenry is “fighting for” the 10th District, he has managed to vote for more than $16.8 million dollars in pork, more than 170 other Congressmen. More than Democratic nutcases Dennis Kucinich (McHenry voted for 52% more) and Henry Waxman (24% more)! The following members of the House — including many other nutcase Democrats — voted less:

Delahunt D-MA, Lungren R-CA, Altmire  D-PA, Kanjorski D-PA, Rohrabacher R-CA, Walberg R-MI, Baldwin  D-WI, Matheson D-MA, Sanchez D-CA, Sutton D-OH, Israel D-NY, Putnam R-FL, Schwartz D-PA, Tanner D-TN, Duncan R-TN, Upton R-MI, Wasserman-Schultz D-FL , Johnson D-TX, English R-PA, Johnson H D-GA, Buchanon R-FL, Chandler D-KY, Bauchus R-AL, Butterfield D-NC, Levin D-MI, Peterson D-MN, Nadler D-NY, Smith C R-NJ, Cohen D-TN, Inglis R-SC, Serrano D-NY, Miller, J  R-FL, Pallone D-NJ, Hastings D-FL, Maloney R-TX, Gonalez D-TX, Capps D-CA, Klein D-FL, Cole R-OK, Yarmuth D-KY, Petri R-WI, Waxman D-CA , LaTourette R-OH, Miller, G  D-CA, Ramstad R-MN, Foxx R-NC. Space D-OH, Welden R-FL, Garrett R-NJ, Davis, D  D-IL, Issa R-CA, Ferguson R-NJ, Blackburn R-TN, Roskam R-IL, Schiff D-CA, Murphy T  R-PA, Towns D-NY, Thornberry R-TX, Diaz R-FL, Rangel D-NY, Reichart R-WA, Sherman D-CA, Hoekstra R-MI, Chabet R-OH, Shimkus R-IL, Bono R-CA, Boren D-OK, Napolitano D-CA, Neal  D-MA, Wexler D-FL, Ehlers R-MI, Jones, S   D-OH, Meeks D-NY, Sali R-ID, Young, D  R-AK, Berman D-CA, Carson, Engel D-NY, Kings R-IA. Starke D-CA, Baca D-CA, Cubin R-WY, Walz D-MN, Platts R-PA, Radanovich R-CA, Keller R-FL, Hall, R R-TX, Moore D-KS, Smith, A R-NE, Watson D-CA, Barton R-TX, Barrett R-SC, Carnahan D-MO, Weiner D-NY, Davis, L  D-TN, Waters D-CA, Deal R-GA, Johnson, T   R-IL, Clay D-MO, Fortuno R-PO, Reyes D-TX, Buyer R-IN, Kucinich D-OH, Brady, K   R-TX, Doggett D-TX, Hinojosa D-TX, Moore, D D-KS, Norton, E  D-DC, Bordalla D-GU, Cardoza D-CA, Bachus R-AL, Lipinski D-IL, Johnson S   D-OH, Royce R-CA, Burton R-IN, Graves R-MO, Mack   D-NY, Pence R-IN, Cuellar  D-TX, Camp, Meeks, Manzullo, Capito, Gohmert, Gallegly, Lewis, R, Fallin, Miller, C, Jackson, L, Wilson, C, Brown, W, Diaz-B, Rush, Westmoreland, Bilbray, Solis, Costa, Schakowsky, Schmidt, Clarke, Herger, Ryan, P, Sanchez, L, Poe, Bachmann, Becerra, Velazquez, Filner, Gutierrez, Jordan, Sessions, McCotter, Smith, Ad, Campbell, Price, T, Christensa, Goodlatte, Linder, Nunes, Thompson, B, Richardson, Sensenbrenner, Tiberi, Faleomavagea, Tsongas

Remember, not a few years ago McHenry tried to have the government spend over $129,000 on a “Perfect Christmas Tree” pork barrel project — a project to give money to people who make Christmas Tree decorations. McHenry may pretend to be a Republican, but he sure as hell spends like a Democrat — or even worse.

McHenry PAC wastes money on concerts

Yes, again. Not satisfied to just blow $700 on rock concert tickets like in the last election, Patrick McHenry’s PAC, “More Conservatives”, the very same corrupt one that has the whole Conservative world angry at Patrick McHenry, about a month ago blew a significant chunk of change on a luxury box for a Bruce Springsteen concert in Washington for a “fundraiser”. Rather than actually come to North Carolina and deal with his constituents or even bother pretending to care, he blew “full market price” on the box. You know, because PAC money for electing conservatives to Congress should be spent paying for a luxury concert box for McHenry, rather than helping out the unemployed, starving people in his district. What’s hilarious about all of this is Bruce Springsteen is a big Democrat supporter. Thanks for giving money to the opposition, McH!

McHenry deliberately lies, disparages the Republican party

Patrick McHenry, in perhaps a grab for attention, has been caught in a deliberate, backhanded and malicious lie by PolitiFact. As you’ve probably heard, Patrick McHenry claimed that Conservatives are “measurably less likely than liberals to return their census forms“. The insinuation was that Conservatives were being tricked into not returning them.

Except it was a deliberate lie.

According to the Pulitzer Prize winning PolitiFact, McHenry’s statement is 100% false. Frances Deviney, senior research associate at the Center for Public Policy Priorities in Texas, says it best: “The short version is that what [McHenry]‘s saying doesn’t correlate with the data”. In Texas, the location McHenry was looking towards in regards to his statement, counties that had higher vote tallies for Republican John McCain (who McHenry attacked in the 2008 election) have slightly higher participation rates in the census. On top of that, a Pew study showed that a higher percentage of Republicans (90%) than Democrats and independents (85%) said they intend to participate in the census.

The long story short? Patrick McHenry deliberately lied and made Republicans look bad. Thanks!

Only 16% of people like McHenry’s $50 Idea

North Carolinians don’t play around, and they identify BS when they see it. According to Public Policy Polling, only 16% of people polled actually like Patrick McHenry’s horrible idea to put Reagan on the $50which, as we covered, would likely cost the taxpayer over $70 million to implement. The message is clear: the people of the 10th District of NC want jobs and good Republican representatives, not a two-bit career politician who spends more time partying with lesbians and spending over $4,800 on meals and over $700 on concert tickets from campaign funds.

Racism on Twitter gets McHenry to friend you

If you go on the popular Social Networking website Twitter and begin to spout comments like “Muslims are Scum” or insinuate that Obama was part of the Fort Hood shootings, guess who will add you as a friend?

Patrick McHenry.

That’s right. You can read the whole article here, but the gist of it is that McHenry likely did add him intentionally. Of course, this brings up two big questions- why McHenry thinks it’s a good idea to be adding nutjobs on Twitter, and why he’s spending so much time browsing a stupid social networking website instead of working.