McHenry too busy to pay attention to the State of the Union

Despite being entirely willing to talk to the local media about it, reports indicate that Patrick McHenry was too busy texting on his Blackberry to actually pay attention to the State of the Union address. Sure, we may not like Obama either, but McHenry could spare the time to at least pay attention to the President of the United States instead of acting like a teenager in Highschool texting his buddies. This is his job, after all. The vast majority of Republicans, in respect of the office, in value of their job, and to ensure they could retort properly, paid attention during the entire speech.

Surprise! Patrick McHenry only NC Rep to want more money.

Every January 1, Congress gets an automatic pay raise. This is mainly done to account for inflation and presumed bettering of the economy. As you can imagine, this can be somewhat bad: as the economy dips, Congress continues to get more money, and can do so secretly, as they don’t exactly have to vote for it (they just “accept” it). Of course, because the economy is in the toilet, many valiant NC representatives have proposed a bill against it, to be more frugal with money, including Sen. Richard Burr and Rep. Virginia Foxx.

Guess who was the ONLY NC Representative to go along with Democrats and sponsor the pay raise?

Patrick McHenry. Seems rather ironic that he constantly speaks against Democrats until they want to give him more of your money.

Hello, Patrick McHenry Staffers!

Just got a lovely comment on our blog:

Just another lib in sheeps clothing slinging cow manure!

The problem? The poster tried (somewhat futilely, I might add) to hide their location- and ended up, out of the stupidity of their IT team, making the post look like it came from Uruguay. Given our (ever growing) popularity and site statistics, it’s fairly clear that it was someone from DC. Try harder, staffers. You at least have to pretend to be real people. I do better than you and I don’t even get paid.