Patrick McHenry too important to follow the law

ksk8g5-ksk8dicurbtopmchenry1Apparently because Patrick McHenry was “busy” or something of that nature, Patrick McHenry recently decided to just invent a parking spot at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. According to the Gaston Gazette:

A Gazette employee spotted the congressman’s blue Ford Explorer straddling a curb in a parking lot at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport at 4:35 p.m. Sunday, at the end of a row of legally parked cars. The Ford’s front tires were on the curb, while the back tires were in the driving area of the parking lot, with one of them resting atop a yellow speed bump.

So, apparently, according to Patrick McHenry, you can make laws, but you don’t have to follow them, especially if you’re busy!