Patrick McHenry Lies to Constituents about CBO Statement

According to Patrick McHenry at his little self-promoting town halls, the Congressional Budget Office estimated the American Clean Energy and Security Act would cost Americans $1,400 annually. This was a lie. In fact, the CBO stated it would only be $175 anally. That’s a big difference.

Ironically, this was stated to his very constituents in a way to convince them- among other things- he knows what’s going on in Congress. Though we may not agree with/support the American Clean Energy and Security Act, lying to your constituents is unacceptable, period.

Read the full article here.

McHenry Two-Faced on Tax

Regarding taxes on his new website, accessed 8/14/09:

Congressman McHenry believes in lowering the tax burden on American workers, families and small businesses.

Time Magazine, 5/7/09:

“Marginal tax rates are the lowest they’ve been in generations, and all we can talk about is tax cuts… The people’s desires have changed, but we’re still stuck in our old issue set.”

Cute way to tell the people one thing and really do something else, McNugget.

Patrick McHenry reveals self as a “Birther”

At a Lincolntown town hall, Patrick McHenry recently revealed he’s a “birther“: someone firmly convinced that Barack Obama is not a U.S. Citizen. Many Republicans are embarrassed to be associated with these conspiracy theorists, who have (in many cases in many different ways) tried to prove Barack Obama, largely because he’s black, is not a citizen. In the meeting, according to the Charlotte Observer:

McHenry declined to affirm Obama’s citizenship, instead saying: “I haven’t seen evidence one way or the other.”

Right, because over 8 court cases and a publicly available document isn’t enough? Sure, we here at RAPMcH might not like Obama, but that doesn’t mean we should make ourselves look like fools claiming that all black people are born in Africa (What’s next, “The Jews run the Government”?). Of course, showing textbook hypocrisy, McHenry has kinda-sorta (not) rescinded his statement, except even The Washington Independent is making fun of it.

Let’s face it: If Patrick McHenry cannot even choose a side on a simple debate, he has no place in Congress. He’s clearly more interested in winning favor with insane “birthers”, the embarrassment of the Republican party, than actually being thoughtful and logical. And you wonder why this website exists?