McHenry in deep debt

According to the Statesville Record & Landmark, Patrick McHenry is having a hard time keeping afloat financially, and is begging his e-mail list for donations:

According to the most recent report McHenry filed with the Federal Election Commission, his campaign has $71,501 of cash on hand. But its debt is listed as $265,000.

[...] “I need to raise $25,000 over the next 24 hours to send a strong message to the Democrats,” McHenry’s e-mail reads.

McHenry needs money not because he’s “fighting democrats”- in fact, he needs money because he spends excessively, including, but not limited to, $700 concert tickets and $4,000 meals. Despite his debt, he also managed to spend over $70,000 in donations to various party needs, which generally means he “loaned” other campaigns money. Patrick McHenry, in the last time we’ve checked, had spent over $10,000 on the Capitol Hill Club, a ritzy club in DC that has nothing do to with his campaign.

Why does Patrick McHenry need money? Because he spent it all!

Patrick McHenry not really concerned with Government

Surprise, surprise: Politics, to Patrick McHenry, is not about running a good government, benefitting the 10th District, or even following good Constitutional law- it’s all about approval ratings. His goal for these next two years?

“Our goal is to bring down approval numbers for [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and for House Democrats. That will take repetition. This is a marathon, not a sprint.”McHenry’s spokesperson, Brock McCleary, tells me his boss is standing by the quote.

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Congrats, 10th District! You just lost a Congressman and gained an attack dog!