10th District Press angry at McHenry

Recently, the news hasn’t been so nice to Patrick McHenry. I wonder why.

In the Morganton News Herald, McHenry was lampooned for his “Town Hall Meetings”, where he failed to provide an actual solution to Energy- rather, it seems, the “meetings” were just staged political rallies where McH stood up and parroted how he was fighting for gas prices- ignoring how he voted AGAINST regulating the Oil industry. They posted another article to this effect when he voted against regulation.

On News@Norman, not only was an editorial posted about how John McCain would be better without McHenry (including how McHenry mentioned he would be “physically ill” at the thought of McCain for President), but also an editorial attacking McHenry on how he accepts thousands of political interst dollars and votes against the interests of the district. Needless to say, it seems like people are angry.

Of course, McHenry has his own way to fight back- a poorly made ad talking about how McHenry is “fighting for us”. Since when? If that’s true, I’d like some of that $25,500 he took from Oil companies before he voted against regulation- I could use it for beer.

Patrick McHenry? Who is that guy?

You know that Patrick McHenry guy and his many town hall meetings where he “meets with the people”?

Me either.

Laughably enough, despite the huge amount of press McHenry has been spilling regarding his “Town Hall Meetings” on Energy and the like, no-one but ardent McHenry supporters have been going. Of course, some may argue this isn’t exactly a surprise, considering his poor reception in the district.

Above: McHenry at CVCC giving his Energy speech. Most of the attending are ardent McHenry supporters anyway.

Above: McHenry with Homeschoolers. During his initial election, there were MANY more homeschoolers.

Now, naturally I can’t say too much- but if anything, this simply proves that his approval ratings have gone down so quickly that his town hall meetings are turning into complete time wastes. During the elections in 2004, McHenry speeches like this were packed with people- it just goes to show you what happens when you embarrass your district so badly they don’t even want to see your face.

Democrats pick up on McHenry’s Doublespeak

Apparently, Democrat Daniel Johnson must read this blog (or someone’s aware of it)- the NC Democratic Party decided to pick up where I left off noting McHenry’s doublespeak regarding oil prices with a new press release, noting, among other things:

-McHenry voted “no” to requiring oil companies to drill on the 68 million acres that they already hold leases for, which could produce 4.8 million barrels of oil and 44.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas daily (H.R. 6251, 6/26/08). Drilling on these public lands could double U.S. oil production and cut oil imports by one-third.

-McHenry voted “no” to cracking down on oil speculators that artificially inflate the price of oil (H.R. 6604, 7/30/08).

-McHenry voted “no” to releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (H.R. 6578, 7/24/08). Each time the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been tapped or deposits suspended, the price of oil has dropped by at least 19%.

-McHenry voted “no” to tax credits for investment in alternative energy (H.R. 2776, 8/4/07).

-McHenry voted “no” to cracking down on gas price gauging (H.R. 1252, 5/23/07).

-But McHenry says “yes” to $25,500 in campaign donations from oil and gas companies.

Now, it kinda sucks to have Democrats picking up on this, but there is something to be said about what they are saying. Despite all this talk about Democrats blocking proper oil legislation, the only thing McHenry has done with the oil industry is take their money.

Nowadays it can take over $100 to fill up a decent sized truck. Thanks, McHenry!

We’re Popular.

Just for fun- top hits on our site, RepublicansAgainstPatrickMcHenry.com:

  • – The Pentagon (Seriously, and supposedly they visit us daily)
  • - The United States House of Representatives via a Blackberry (Hi McHenry!)
  • - The United States House of Representatives
  • - The United States Senate Sergeant at Arms
  • - The United States Senate Sergeant at Arms (2)
  • - The Democratic National Headquarters (Haha, what?)
  • (IP hidden)The North Carolina Admin office of the Courts (Uh oh)
  • (IP hidden) – The State of NC Department of Transportation

In the last two months we’ve had over 30,000 people see our stuff- and that’s in the 10th District. Keep spreading the news!

Patrick McHenry STILL Tries to edit Wikipedia

Even after being featured in news@norman and The Hickory Daily Record, Patrick McHenry and his cronies are STILL editing our favorite online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

You would at least think they would pretend to do it quietly.

From the Edit Record:

  1. User “Potus128″ tries to add the laughably titled blog “Patrick McHenry Rocks!” to the list of links.
  2. User “Ystava” decides to make it more “NPOV” (“Neutral Point of View”) by removing anything negative about McHenry… and adding a quote that essentially means “Daniel Johnson can’t win!”.
  3. After a long hard revert battle over a few days with Ziegfest, Ystava decides to edit using his IP- the same one used that Wikipedia admins got angry at for removing huge chunks of information- the very same internet address that tried to remove McHenry scandals such as the “green zone videoThis is, as we stipulated, possibly Jason Deans.
  4. “Potus” reappears, same edit as “Ystava” and the IP.
  5. Same deal, same “Jason Deans” IP.

(Note: “Ziegfest” is a reader of ours returning our site on here, considering our coverage and our attempt to keep balanced and sourced material)

Lessons to be learned from this?

  1. Patrick McHenry is spending far too much time on the internet. Sure, our readers are too, but McHenry is using staffers- you know, the ones not working to better the district.
  2. Wikipedia has been good to us. I appreciate the users fighting hard to keep our site up. We try to remain as fair and balanced as possible- and we always are up for comments if we are wrong. We aren’t a “unfair biased blog”- we’re a group of individuals looking to point out truths- not delete them from online encyclopedias.
  3. We won’t back down. The truth hurts. Even if it’s a Republican, it’s important to tell the truth- as our Mothers told us back in the day. I don’t care how much it hurts to admit it, it is always best to tell the truth if you mess up rather than to try to hide it. I learned this in gradeschool when I stole cookies- McHenry hasn’t yet.

Anyway, we’ll keep close eyes on it. We’ve helped “Ziegfest” send in a request for the Wikipedia admins to check it out- so keep your eyes peeled.

Patrick McHenry votes to protect foreign oil barons

When Patrick McHenry was asked why he donated his campaign over $170,000 (a donation which made his campaign funds larger than his opponents), he claimed that it was a “personal investment in his fight for good jobs and lower gas prices.”. So what’s McHenry been doing in Congress?

A few days ago, Patrick McHenry decided to vote against H.R. 6604, the Commodity Market Transparency and Accountability Act. This act, in essence, requires recordkeeping and holds foreign boards of trade to meet specific US requirements, such as access to electronic trading systems. As well, it directs the GAO to do an investigation into the “regime” that manages energy commodities- in layman’s terms, figure out why the hell gas prices are so high, and make sure the foreign oil barons aren’t tricking us. The worry is that people overseas are manipulating gas prices, which is why it’s so expensive to fill up nowadays.

Of course, anyone can see that it’s a reasonable bill- and 61 Republicans supported the bill, leading a huge majority of 276 to 151. Unfortunately, it wasn’t passed- you need two thirds vote- and guess who didn’t vote for it?

That’s right, Patrick McHenry. Unwilling to work with “them dimmercrats”, McHenry decided that Western Carolina could suffer higher gas prices as he literally made sure the discussion died down.

Of course, McHenry got angry that the Democrats picked up on this, and then tried to create more discussion (because he wanted to start the discussion, presumably) and came out swinging complaining about how a 5-week vacation was declared.

Long story short? McHenry refused to actually vote for a solid energy exploration bill that would have conservatively examined the oil issues we have today, and instead opted to allow foreign oil barons to manipulate our gas prices (through the “Enron Loophole”) and enjoy their big profits as normal American families struggle to afford everything from groceries to transportation.

Oh yeah, and McHenry has recently gotten $58,000 from the oil industry toward his campaign.

Thanks, McHenry!