McHenry parties with known Lesbian Activists

Patrick McHenry loves to talk about how pro-sanctity of marriage he is- claiming he is for marriage as one man and one woman. However, his actions speak a different story- a story of McHenry being involved as much in the homosexual scene as the liberals themselves.

Mike Rogers, famous Liberal blogger (known best as the guy who “outed” people like Sen. Larry Craig, Rep. David Dreier, and Rep Ed Schrock), in 2008 made public two photos of Patrick McHenry partying with Jackie Sullens. Photos below:

Patrick McHenry parties with lesbian activists.

Patrick McHenry grasping a lesbian\'s breasts

The best part about these photos (other than the fact that McHenry is grabbing Sullens’ breasts in the second photo) is that Jackie Sullens is a open Lesbian. Not only does Sullens work for the GOP as the Gaston County Republican Women’s newsletter lady, but she openly lives with another woman, whom she is a lesbian relationship with.

Of course, the McHenry camp has never made a retort to these photos, and in fact many of the supporters claim these photos do not exist. However, you see them, I see them, and they are indeed real- and, lesbians or not, it is incredibly innapropriate for Patrick McHenry to be photoed in such a innapropriate light. Be honest: if this man was a Democrat, we would be appalled, and likewise, we should be now.

Patrick McHenry takes money for his attention

Patrick McHenry loves money- so much that he’s willing to sell his time, attention, and Congressional votes for it. Here are some examples of how he’s been doing that in the latest election season.

The McHenry “Victory Circle”- Buy a Congressman

Patrick McHenry, in what could be considered the most offensive attempt to gain campaign funds seen in any campaign, has recently taken to demanding money to meet with him- up to the tune of $9,200.

Patrick McHenry in the 2008 election cycle has taken to handing out cards entitled the “McHenry Victory Circle”, where Patrick McHenry has a list of “benefits” associated with the level of donation he recieves. For example, to gain access to a “Campaign Event” (such as a rally or dinner), a voter must pay $1,000- when a large percentage Americans make less than $40,000 a year. In McHenry’s economically depressed voting district, many voters live on minimum wages ($6.15/hr)- which often means less than $15,000 a year, depending on work schedule. You can see a scan of part of that brochure on the left (click to enlarge).

Of course, for those who are really fortunate and can afford the full $9,200 USD (which is accounted for a couple donation, in one election cycle the max per person is $4,600 USD), McHenry offers a “private Washington DC retreat” with him. In fact, unless you pay over $2,300 USD, you cannot obtain tickets to McHenry’s “McHenry Christmas Party” held in the district.

The numbers speak ill for McHenry. According to a 2000 Census, the median income for an individual in Catawba County (the most prominent county in the 10th District) was approximately $30,000 for Males, and $23,000 for Females. This essentially means that, to meet with Patrick McHenry, a working class individual would have to forefeit over 1/25th of their wages just to meet with their Congressman- and much more than that if they wanted to actually do anything other than recieve tickets to a “Campaign Event”.

In fact, according to reports made at the time this information came out, the brochure is even bold enough to say:

“Your support helps me continue rising in leadership and increasing my effectiveness.”

Who knew a Congressman’s effectiveness was tied to money?

Patrick McHenry protects Countrywide for big bucks, many lose their homes

Countrywide Financial, known best for being one of the major players in the mortgage crisis, now faces a FBI probe in a securities fraud case, after Countrwide allegedly misrepresented the soundness of it’s loans in filings, which it may have done to hide bad subprime loans. Countrywide’s actions may have led to thousands of Americans losing their homes: while CEO Angelo Mozilo made big bucks on the transactions.

It comes as no surprise that Congress had a hearing to discuss these CEO payments, espeically given the situation where many CEOs were making millions as their companies sank faster than the Titanic. Specifically, Mozilo’s payment was $120m USD, in a period where thousands of Countrywide employees have been laid off, the stock price has plummeted, and American families have lost their homes. On that committe? Patrick McHenry.

Strangely enough, Patrick McHenry was kind to the Countrywide CEO, to the point of not even asking any true questions- and essentially giving up his turn. Why? Because in 2005 and 2007 McHenry accepted $5000 in campaign contributions from Countrywide Financial and over $160,000 from other Real Estate PACs. In fact, McHenry’s top contributors are from the Real Estate Industry.

Did McHenry do what many Congressmen do and step down from the committe? Absolutely not. In fact, McHenry only used his time to essentially defend the Countrywide CEO, while many in his district struggle to keep their homes.

McHenry involved in NRCC money theft

The story goes that former NRCC treasurer Christopher Ward had been producing false internal audits to the tune of $740,000- money that was funneled to personal bank accounts and business funds.

Interestingly enough, McHenry was directly tied with Ward, donating a large amount of money to the NRCC when Ward was treasurer- and also to a number of campaigns that Ward worked on. A large amount of money (at least $160,000 that McHenry donated to the NRCC from his campaign funds) crossed Ward’s hands- and a large amount of that may have disappeared. There has been a large amount of discussion that McHenry was closely tied with Ward, both working together with finances for a period of time- a period of time in which McHenry would have clearly known that the audits were being doctored.

Ironically enough, this has scared McHenry so badly that he is now hiring the extremely expensive Wiley Rein, LLC for $3,000 a month- a law firm that specializes in election law and campaign finance. At this moment, McHenry has spent almost $30,000 hiring a law firm to literally sit and protect him, waiting for charges.

Patrick McHenry belittles and endangers US Troops in Iraq

Patrick McHenry refers to a security guard as a \"two bit\".In 2008, Patrick McHenry, during a speech he presented at a Lincoln Day Dinner in Lincoln County, weaved a very methodical story about a recent trip to Iraq- one that would inevitably show his true demeanor regarding the troops in Iraq. In his speech, he explained how he was “safe” in the Green Zone in Baghdad, yet he “couldn’t sleep”- so he decided to go to the gym in the morning, “not that I makes this a great habit”.

And so, in the morning, I got up early – not that I make this a great habit, but I went to the gym- because I just couldn’t sleep and everything else- and sure enough, the guard wouldn’t let me in, said I didn’t have the correct credentials. It’s 5:00 in the morning and I didn’t have sleep- I wasn’t too happy with this two bit security guard. And so, I said I wanted to see your supervisor. 30 minutes later, after the supervisor wasn’t happy with me, the escort me back to my room. It happens.

McHenry later went on to explain how this “two bit security guard” actually saved his life- as he claimed that during this rocket attack, the very gym he was claiming to get into was hit by insurgent fire. Of course, McHenry never made any thanks toward this officer- in fact, his speech did nothing but berate this brave guard who inevitably protected his life on that no doubt strange Easter morning.

Naturally, some of the Republicans during this speech were outraged at the flippant way in which McHenry weaved this story, and the way in which he obviously discredited a guard who saved his life- many in the room were veterans of past wars. Television stations like WLOS interviewed disgusted voters- many of which questioned McHenry’s reason for going to Iraq in the first place. Of course, the Democrats, especially on MSNBC, loving every minute of McHenry’s stupid comments, lashed out at Patrick McHenry, openly insulting Republicans, using his statement as an example of “what they really think about the troops”.

McHenry’s response was twofold- first, he openly denied the guard was an American soldier, claiming it was a “foreign contractor”- and essentially claimed that the guard’s nationality made it OK for him to belittle him. Secondly, he came forward with what is now known as his “Green Zone Video” (which we cannot post online due to Pentagon demands), which made any “two bit” comments look small in comparison.

Screenshot of the McHenry Green Zone video, now restricted by the Pentagon.The McHenry Green Zone Video is a video shot in the Green Zone only moments after the insurgents attacked, recorded from a video camera somewhat hidden shooting upward (at a height approximately 3″ off the ground, as evidenced by McHenry’s proportions), as if shot by holding it between the legs, where McHenry gives explicit detail of the attacks that just occured, essentially a “damage report”, including specific locations, pointing to a destroyed building in the background. McHenry, of course, also made sure to note about being restricted from entering the Gym, though not making any note of a foreign security guard.

The problem? McHenry had been clearly told by soldiers in the Green Zone to NOT record any video or give any specific damage reports, an offense which would be court-martiable if McHenry was in the military. Such information is regularly given to any visitors, as it constitutes Operational Security, or OPSEC. The video (which we cannot place online due to the Pentagon’s wishes, see below) gave explicit detail of the accuracy of attacks, which clearly endangered American lives. Brandon Friedman, a military veteran and vice chairman of, made it clear:

“The bottom line is that whoever launched that strike could take the information McHenry provided and use it to kill Americans in the Green Zone, [...] This is why professionals operating in a combat zone are trained not to reveal any battle damage after an attack.”

In fact, the video was so offensive that the Pentagon demanded that McHenry remove the video. Did McHenry remove the video? Absolutely not. According to reports done by news organizations before his 2008 challenger made a press conference, McHenry’s video was still hosted on Congressional servers for up to a week after the Pentagon demanded the video to be removed. The URL (which is now dead) was easily retrievable from a variety of political blogs, aiding the enemy even further.

McHenry may have been responsible for the deaths of two US troops for posting this video, which led his primary challenger in 2008, Republican and ex-Air Force Judge Lance Sigmon to demand a congressional investigation into McHenry’s actions after reports came out that only days after these attacks occured, two soldiers (one a full Colonel) were killed in the same locations McHenry detailed in the video.

McHenry’s response to this was to claim that Sigmon, his opponent at the time, was utilizing the video as a “political gimmick”, insinuating that the potential deaths that came as a result of this video were unimportant. McHenry never apologized or claimed personal fault, and in fact never came forward with any statement about the video, only removing the video and accusing his challenger of being “absurd”- and refusing to answer questions at all future 10th District Republican events from then on, only using a press contact for all future comments.

One can only imagine how the families of those two soldiers feel- they may never know if a foolhardy Congressman may have cost the life of their loved one.

Patrick McHenry lives with student, encourages underage drinking, funds Voter Fraud

Aaron Lay smilingIn 2004, when Patrick McHenry ran against other Republicans in the Congressional Primary, he was well known for using College Republicans to assist his campaign work- being the youngest man on the ballot, this was no surprise to no-one. However, as history would show, Patrick McHenry would make some of the dumbest moves of his life in this election.

In this 2004 election, it was revealed that Patrick McHenry was living with a campaign staffer, Michael Aaron Lay. Lay, who served as a former campaign aide, stayed at McHenry’s house well into the 2004 election, and evidence of a traffic ticket reveals that Lay stayed at McHenry’s house well into 2005, past the election cycle. While Lay technically stayed a resident of Tennessee, he nonetheless lived with McHenry most of the week, where he listed himself as a resident.

During this time, McHenry was charged with getting many of these underage College Republicans drunk and partying with them. According to Affidavidts with the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement agency, McHenry was closely involved (or potentially hosted) a party with underage students after a 2004 Catawba County Lincoln Day dinner, in which beer and wine liberally flowed, and McHenry was photoed holding a lollypop with drunk students clearly holding cans of alcohol (right). According to statements by the Alcohol Law Enforcement agency, the students asserted that the alcohol was provided by the McHenry camp, though this is questionable. Despite the source of the alcohol, it was clear through reports that McHenry was fully aware of both the alcohol consumption and the age of many of the staffers.

The living situation became worse as Lay was found to have voted illegally twice in McHenry’s election- by using McHenry’s Cherryville home as a “residence” and voting for McHenry. Michael Aaron Lay was not a permanent resident of North Carolina, and under NC law, it is illegal to register in a district when you have no intentions of permanently living in that district. In this primary race, McHenry won by only 86 votes- so naturally, voters were a little disturbed by the way in which McHenry’s staffer was voting.

Photo: Michael Aaron Lay (far right) in court

Naturally, Lay was charged with Voter Fraud in Gaston County- but here’s where it gets even dirtier. McHenry then quickly utilized his PAC, “More Conservatives“, which good Republicans donate to for Republicans to get into office, to fund Lay’s court case, despite the wishes of those donating to the PAC. According to Roll Call, Patrick McHenry gave Lay two payments of $5,000 for “Legal Expense Donation[s]“-

Thanks, Boss. Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) recently gave Michael Aaron Lay $10,000 to beat back voter fraud charges brought while the former campaign aide worked for the now-Member.

According to recent Federal Election Commission filings, McHenry gave Lay $5,000 out of his political action committee, More Conservatives PAC, in two payments during February and March.

The contributions were labeled “legal expense donation[s].” McHenry had given Lay another $10,000 in July 2007.

Actually, Roll Call was behind the scenes- according to government watchdog, More Conservatives PAC gave Michael Aaron Lay a total of $20,000- more money than the PAC gave to any individual except for a political advertising group. Michael Aaron Lay was given more money by More Conservatives PAC than any campaign in the history of the PAC.

Of course,when McHenry was confronted about this in the 2008 primary battle, his spokesman, Wes Climer, had this to say:

Climer emphasized the “More Conservatives” PAC is used broadly and isn’t specifically for campaign funds.
“The charges were dismissed, and the congressman is glad Aaron can move on with his life,” Climer said.

Actually, this is a lie. Michael Aaron Lay took what is called a “deferred prosecution deal” and did not contest the charges- and he must complete 100 hours of community service and pay $240.50 in court fees and $250.00 in community service fees to have the charges dismissed. By utilizing this deal, Lay was able to not only avoid admitting guilt, but avoid any further investigation into the McHenry camp’s dealings- which may explain the money that flowed toward Lay during this time.

Of course, More Conservatives PAC has given donors no information about the use of their money. Despite records proving that such money was indeed given, the website still claims the funds are used in “electing More Conservatives to Congress“- with no mention of “broad use” of donated funds. As mentioned above, more money has gone to paying for Michael Aaron Lay’s defense than towards ANY campaign recipient- and that’s saying something.

Of course, during this time, Patrick McHenry made himself a national laughingstock as he accused District Attorney Locke Bell of persecuting Lay and his own campaign:

“This is the culmination of a three-year smear campaign against Congressman McHenry, his campaign workers and supporters,” Deans’ statement read. “This case is much like the Duke lacrosse case in that a politically-motivated district attorney sought an indictment against a young man without even granting him an interview.”

The joke?

Locke Bell, a strong Republican, supported McHenry- in fact, so much, that he held a fundraiser for him, and openly admitted to doing so in the Charlotte Observer. In fact, it was impossible for Bell to hold a “three year smear campaign” when Bell had only been a District Attorney for a few months, and “inhereted” the case from his predecessor. Meaning? Not only had Bell not had the time to even consider McHenry until a few months before this all came out, Bell was supporting McHenry! Of course, leave it up to the Democrats to find this out and make all Republicans look incredibly stupid.

It’s a sad day when a Republican Congressman makes us all look stupid and even the Democrats get to laugh.