Patrick McHenry votes to protect foreign oil barons

When Patrick McHenry was asked why he donated his campaign over $170,000 (a donation which made his campaign funds larger than his opponents), he claimed that it was a “personal investment in his fight for good jobs and lower gas prices.”. So what’s McHenry been doing in Congress?

A few days ago, Patrick McHenry decided to vote against H.R. 6604, the Commodity Market Transparency and Accountability Act. This act, in essence, requires recordkeeping and holds foreign boards of trade to meet specific US requirements, such as access to electronic trading systems. As well, it directs the GAO to do an investigation into the “regime” that manages energy commodities- in layman’s terms, figure out why the hell gas prices are so high, and make sure the foreign oil barons aren’t tricking us. The worry is that people overseas are manipulating gas prices, which is why it’s so expensive to fill up nowadays.

Of course, anyone can see that it’s a reasonable bill- and 61 Republicans supported the bill, leading a huge majority of 276 to 151. Unfortunately, it wasn’t passed- you need two thirds vote- and guess who didn’t vote for it?

That’s right, Patrick McHenry. Unwilling to work with “them dimmercrats”, McHenry decided that Western Carolina could suffer higher gas prices as he literally made sure the discussion died down.

Of course, McHenry got angry that the Democrats picked up on this, and then tried to create more discussion (because he wanted to start the discussion, presumably) and came out swinging complaining about how a 5-week vacation was declared.

Long story short? McHenry refused to actually vote for a solid energy exploration bill that would have conservatively examined the oil issues we have today, and instead opted to allow foreign oil barons to manipulate our gas prices (through the “Enron Loophole”) and enjoy their big profits as normal American families struggle to afford everything from groceries to transportation.

Oh yeah, and McHenry has recently gotten $58,000 from the oil industry toward his campaign.

Thanks, McHenry!


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  2. March 23rd, 2010 | 3:51 pm

    [...] Increasing energy supply and lowering business taxes. Naturally, McHenry gives no details or proposed legislation. Would he consider drilling off of the NC coast, wind turbines in the mountains or on the coast? He’ll never say – and remember, he’s had five years in Congress to do something about this and he has yet to even give us an idea. Even when given the opportunity to protect us from wild fluctuations in gas prices, McHenry, as usual, voted to support his campaign contributors, not his constituents. [...]

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