Patrick McHenry STILL Tries to edit Wikipedia

Even after being featured in news@norman and The Hickory Daily Record, Patrick McHenry and his cronies are STILL editing our favorite online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

You would at least think they would pretend to do it quietly.

From the Edit Record:

  1. User “Potus128″ tries to add the laughably titled blog “Patrick McHenry Rocks!” to the list of links.
  2. User “Ystava” decides to make it more “NPOV” (“Neutral Point of View”) by removing anything negative about McHenry… and adding a quote that essentially means “Daniel Johnson can’t win!”.
  3. After a long hard revert battle over a few days with Ziegfest, Ystava decides to edit using his IP- the same one used that Wikipedia admins got angry at for removing huge chunks of information- the very same internet address that tried to remove McHenry scandals such as the “green zone videoThis is, as we stipulated, possibly Jason Deans.
  4. “Potus” reappears, same edit as “Ystava” and the IP.
  5. Same deal, same “Jason Deans” IP.

(Note: “Ziegfest” is a reader of ours returning our site on here, considering our coverage and our attempt to keep balanced and sourced material)

Lessons to be learned from this?

  1. Patrick McHenry is spending far too much time on the internet. Sure, our readers are too, but McHenry is using staffers- you know, the ones not working to better the district.
  2. Wikipedia has been good to us. I appreciate the users fighting hard to keep our site up. We try to remain as fair and balanced as possible- and we always are up for comments if we are wrong. We aren’t a “unfair biased blog”- we’re a group of individuals looking to point out truths- not delete them from online encyclopedias.
  3. We won’t back down. The truth hurts. Even if it’s a Republican, it’s important to tell the truth- as our Mothers told us back in the day. I don’t care how much it hurts to admit it, it is always best to tell the truth if you mess up rather than to try to hide it. I learned this in gradeschool when I stole cookies- McHenry hasn’t yet.

Anyway, we’ll keep close eyes on it. We’ve helped “Ziegfest” send in a request for the Wikipedia admins to check it out- so keep your eyes peeled.

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