McHenry “Feeling the Pain” ad deceptive, bad politics

Patrick McHenry would like you to think, according to one of his latest videos, that President Obama destroyed gas prices. While Obama has done quite a bit to destroy our economy, McHenry isn’t telling the full story — rather, he’s yet again stretching the truth to sound intelligent while deceiving his supporters.

In the following video, McHenry claims that when Obama took office, prices were at $1.84/gallon, and recently, gas prices are nearly $4.00/gallon:

According to historical graphs provided by the Energy Information Administration and the website, gas was indeed about $1.80-1.90 when Obama took office, and it is indeed about $4.00. What McHenry doesn’t say is that the $1.84 price was a sudden drop in gas prices that were nearly $4.00/gallon in Fall of 2008. This drop was, of course, mostly the result of the economic crisis, meaning the price had little to do with fiscal policy by any party and more about the entire economy thrashing on the deathbed. In fact, this 2008-2009 price drop didn’t last terribly long — a few months later, the price slowly began rising back up to about $3.00/gallon, and only recently it’s been pushing $4.00.

There’s nothing wrong with attacking Obama for his horrible management of the economy — he’s entirely clueless when it comes to fiscal policy, and a lot he’s done both in our nation and abroad has caused gas prices to rise. Still, McHenry’s video misleads voters into “remembering” things that never happened, and it gives Democrats easy ammo to criticize Republicans and claim we make up facts (see e.g.: this recent OpEd in the HDR). There are a lot of things Obama can and should be attacked for; however, Republicans do not need to invent misleading statistics and figures to do so.

Yet again, this is a perfect example of why McHenry is a bad Republican that makes us all look bad. Good Republicans find strong issues to attack on and don’t mislead voters with cherry-picked figures, setting an example for everyone to see and appreciate. Bad Republicans, like McHenry, do all they can to seem intelligent while misleading their own constituents, giving Democrats ammo to fire back in future elections.

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