Patrick McHenry throws temper tantrum over Elizabeth Warren scheduling

McHenry is at it again, this time over scheduling. While spending his time up in Congress doing as little as possible for his district, he recently decided to get in a fight with Elizabeth Warren because he didn’t want her to leave a hearing. The problem? McHenry’s staffers gave Warren the run-around regarding time, but according to McHenry, “[that] was not the case”:

Hilariously, a Democrat, Rep. Elijah Cummings of MD, tried to stop McHenry from making himself look like a further asshole, saying “I’m trying to be cordial here — you just accused the lady of lying. You need to clear this up with your staff.”

Hundreds of angry Democrats and Republicans are now spamming McHenry’s Facebook page, demanding that he apologize — something he will not do.

Some fun quotes from around the internet:

The Charlotte Observer:

This week [McHenry] became Exhibit A of the coarse incivility that has become the hallmark of political discourse in this country. His refusal to admit his error in judgment and apologize shows not only a lack of maturity but a lack of respect for the office he holds and for the people he represents here in North Carolina.

The Hickory Daily Record:
[...] Rep. McHenry you should apologize. (“Meet Patrick McHenry, the rudest, most shameless College Republican in Congress”):

McHenry has been one of the most completely shameless of House Republicans since his arrival in Congress, in 2005, when he immediately and publicly endorsed Tom DeLay’s brilliant plan to exempt himself from ethics rules as his connections to Jack Abramoff began to end his career.

Quotes from McHenry’s Facebook Page:

  • Patrick Henry is corrupt and he has made no attempt to hide it.
  • still consider you an embarassment to the great state of NC, mchenry
  • You’re just not that bright, even for a shill.
  • U may not have apologized, but u r one pathetically SORRY excuse for a man.
  • How incredibly unprofessional!! An apology is certainly in order.
  • Patrick, why do you accept more than half of your campaign contributions from the industries that are regulated by the subcommittee you chair? Do you think this is consistent with any idea of public service and good governance?
  • McHenry gets my vote…..for the WORST member of Congress and obviously the most corrupted by the money donations of the Big Banks.
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