McHenry parties with known Lesbian Activists

Patrick McHenry loves to talk about how pro-sanctity of marriage he is- claiming he is for marriage as one man and one woman. However, his actions speak a different story- a story of McHenry being involved as much in the homosexual scene as the liberals themselves.

Mike Rogers, famous Liberal blogger (known best as the guy who “outed” people like Sen. Larry Craig, Rep. David Dreier, and Rep Ed Schrock), in 2008 made public two photos of Patrick McHenry partying with Jackie Sullens. Photos below:

Patrick McHenry parties with lesbian activists.

Patrick McHenry grasping a lesbian\'s breasts

The best part about these photos (other than the fact that McHenry is grabbing Sullens’ breasts in the second photo) is that Jackie Sullens is a open Lesbian. Not only does Sullens work for the GOP as the Gaston County Republican Women’s newsletter lady, but she openly lives with another woman, whom she is a lesbian relationship with.

Of course, the McHenry camp has never made a retort to these photos, and in fact many of the supporters claim these photos do not exist. However, you see them, I see them, and they are indeed real- and, lesbians or not, it is incredibly innapropriate for Patrick McHenry to be photoed in such a innapropriate light. Be honest: if this man was a Democrat, we would be appalled, and likewise, we should be now.

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