McHenry spends $16.8 million in pork, more than over 170 other Congressmen

You read that right: while Patrick McHenry is “fighting for” the 10th District, he has managed to vote for more than $16.8 million dollars in pork, more than 170 other Congressmen. More than Democratic nutcases Dennis Kucinich (McHenry voted for 52% more) and Henry Waxman (24% more)! The following members of the House — including many other nutcase Democrats — voted less:

Delahunt D-MA, Lungren R-CA, Altmire  D-PA, Kanjorski D-PA, Rohrabacher R-CA, Walberg R-MI, Baldwin  D-WI, Matheson D-MA, Sanchez D-CA, Sutton D-OH, Israel D-NY, Putnam R-FL, Schwartz D-PA, Tanner D-TN, Duncan R-TN, Upton R-MI, Wasserman-Schultz D-FL , Johnson D-TX, English R-PA, Johnson H D-GA, Buchanon R-FL, Chandler D-KY, Bauchus R-AL, Butterfield D-NC, Levin D-MI, Peterson D-MN, Nadler D-NY, Smith C R-NJ, Cohen D-TN, Inglis R-SC, Serrano D-NY, Miller, J  R-FL, Pallone D-NJ, Hastings D-FL, Maloney R-TX, Gonalez D-TX, Capps D-CA, Klein D-FL, Cole R-OK, Yarmuth D-KY, Petri R-WI, Waxman D-CA , LaTourette R-OH, Miller, G  D-CA, Ramstad R-MN, Foxx R-NC. Space D-OH, Welden R-FL, Garrett R-NJ, Davis, D  D-IL, Issa R-CA, Ferguson R-NJ, Blackburn R-TN, Roskam R-IL, Schiff D-CA, Murphy T  R-PA, Towns D-NY, Thornberry R-TX, Diaz R-FL, Rangel D-NY, Reichart R-WA, Sherman D-CA, Hoekstra R-MI, Chabet R-OH, Shimkus R-IL, Bono R-CA, Boren D-OK, Napolitano D-CA, Neal  D-MA, Wexler D-FL, Ehlers R-MI, Jones, S   D-OH, Meeks D-NY, Sali R-ID, Young, D  R-AK, Berman D-CA, Carson, Engel D-NY, Kings R-IA. Starke D-CA, Baca D-CA, Cubin R-WY, Walz D-MN, Platts R-PA, Radanovich R-CA, Keller R-FL, Hall, R R-TX, Moore D-KS, Smith, A R-NE, Watson D-CA, Barton R-TX, Barrett R-SC, Carnahan D-MO, Weiner D-NY, Davis, L  D-TN, Waters D-CA, Deal R-GA, Johnson, T   R-IL, Clay D-MO, Fortuno R-PO, Reyes D-TX, Buyer R-IN, Kucinich D-OH, Brady, K   R-TX, Doggett D-TX, Hinojosa D-TX, Moore, D D-KS, Norton, E  D-DC, Bordalla D-GU, Cardoza D-CA, Bachus R-AL, Lipinski D-IL, Johnson S   D-OH, Royce R-CA, Burton R-IN, Graves R-MO, Mack   D-NY, Pence R-IN, Cuellar  D-TX, Camp, Meeks, Manzullo, Capito, Gohmert, Gallegly, Lewis, R, Fallin, Miller, C, Jackson, L, Wilson, C, Brown, W, Diaz-B, Rush, Westmoreland, Bilbray, Solis, Costa, Schakowsky, Schmidt, Clarke, Herger, Ryan, P, Sanchez, L, Poe, Bachmann, Becerra, Velazquez, Filner, Gutierrez, Jordan, Sessions, McCotter, Smith, Ad, Campbell, Price, T, Christensa, Goodlatte, Linder, Nunes, Thompson, B, Richardson, Sensenbrenner, Tiberi, Faleomavagea, Tsongas

Remember, not a few years ago McHenry tried to have the government spend over $129,000 on a “Perfect Christmas Tree” pork barrel project — a project to give money to people who make Christmas Tree decorations. McHenry may pretend to be a Republican, but he sure as hell spends like a Democrat — or even worse.

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