Patrick McHenry runs like a scared child from his town hall meeting

McHenry can’t handle political debates.  Or even questions.  Or just people in general.

Long story short: Patrick McHenry held one of his self-promoting town halls in Gaston County recently.  These are pretty normal for any Congressman to hold, and McHenry generally holds them to galvanize his few remaining supporters and to pretend he cares about his district.  McHenry’s opponent in the upcoming Republican Primary, Ken Fortenberry, decided he would show up and begin to question McHenry about some of the questionable donations he’s taken in the past.

McHenry’s response? To end the entire town hall meeting instead of answer any questions from anyone.  He literally ran after he was saved by Gaston County Commissioner Chad Brown:

Ken Fortenberry, who plans to square off against McHenry in the 10th Congressional District Republican primary, stood up and challenged the congressman with several questions.

After McHenry refused to answer a question twice, Fortenberry walked out of the room, prompting Gaston County Commissioner Chad Brown to stand beside McHenry and bring an end to the meeting.

The question(s) Fortenberry asked apparently had to do with the fact that McHenry has taken a ton of cash from some of the very companies responsible for destroying the housing market:

The depressed housing market came up as a subject and McHenry said there must be transparency in financial products. He added that federal loan mortgage institutions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be “cut off from taxpayers.”

That sparked Fortenberry to stand up and ask McHenry how he could stand before constituents and say that, knowing he’d accepted monies from institutions like that in the past.

Translation? McHenry doesn’t want to answer complex questions. McHenry wants to stand around and tell people how good of a Republican he is, and that’s about it. And that’s not only despicable, but fairly weak.

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