Patrick McHenry creates false $1.5m “anti-narcotics” program

Looks like Patrick McHenry has some explaining to do. In a recent self-promoting flyer he sent out to constituents (costing an insane amount of tax dollars for absolutely no purpose other than to promote an already elected official), McHenry claimed that he obtained $1.5 million dollars in federal funding for a “drug surveillance program based in Lincoln County.”

1-21-2009-8-35-17-am-10672160According to Lincoln County Sheriff Tim Daugherty, no such program exists. You read that correctly: even the sheriff of Lincoln County is coming out against McHenry. In fact, Tim Daughterty never knew about such an amount- instead, it went to some of McHenry’s buddies as a “Defense Contract”.

In fact, the money will never be used in any way to battle illegal drugs in Lincoln County – or the United States for that matter.
The $1.2 million was never even sent to a local agency.
It went to a Catawba County company, IOMAX, USA, in the form of a Department of Defense contract. (See related story, page 1)

Of course, McHenry staffers are pretending it never happened. Because he hasn’t done THAT before.

Baffled by the claim, the sheriff’s office called McHenry’s office in Washington and a staffer named “Alexis” said she “didn’t have a clue” about the $1.2 million claim, according to the sheriff.
Alexis Rudakewych is a legislative assistant to McHenry.
Sometime later Rudakewych called Daugherty’s office back and said the $1.5 million actually was obtained at the request of Sen. Richard Burr, R-NC, but McHenry signed onto the spending bill as a cosponsor.

So after Rudakewych was caught in a deliberate lie, she comes back and says that McHenry had no part in it!

The truth is the money never went anywhere near Lincoln County- rather, it is being spent to monitor cell phone conversations to possibly maybe sorta figure out what people are doing in poppy fields in Afghanistan. The money never intended to protect Lincoln County, nor anywhere else- it was just going to a techie group to listen to Afghani conversations.

Fighting drugs in Afghanistan is one thing, but battling them in Lincoln County is another, says Sheriff Daugherty.
“If they really wanted to make an impact why didn’t they make the money available to Dean (Abernethy, chief of the Lincolnton Police Department) and me?” said Sheriff Daugherty.

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