McHenry refuses to stop insider stock trading by congress

Patrick McHenry has voted against a bill that would prohibit them from committing what would otherwise be a crime (namely, insider stock trading).  His justification seems to be that the bill, though seemingly fine on its face, was created by a Democrat.  McHenry’s opponent, Ken Fortenberry, is angry:

The corruption in Washington is an outrage to everyone, but instead of standing up and speaking out against it, McHenry continues to condone the despicable and unethical behavior of people who somehow think they are above the law. No wonder the approval rating of Congress is at an all-time low — just 9 percent.

Fortenberry seems to think that McHenry is himself corrupt, and is very likely profiting off of congressional insider trading like everyone else.

In any event, should McHenry not vote on a good bill just because Democrats initially came up with it?  Of course not.  The bill has bipartisan support.  Really, the only reason not to support it that some people have come up with has been that it “singles out” certain (corrupt) politicians and it may incite the public to “overreact”.

Even if Democrats are almost always wrong, a broken clock is right twice a day.

That is, unless you’re McHenry.

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